Introduction: How to Drill a Hole in a Glass Bottle

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In this Instructable, we look at a way to drill a hole in a glass bottle.

The procedure is fast, simple and effective.

What's needed:

Diamond core coated drill bits are great for drilling glass bottles.

You will need a cordless drill. Cordless for your own safety - in case you drop it in the water.

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Step 1:

Bottles are slippery, so it can be challenging to drill a hole in exact point you want without scratching the bottle.

Melt the Instamorph and wrap it half way around the bottle.

Step 2:

When Instamorph has cooled down, drill a hole in it with a drill bit you are planning to use for the bottle.

Step 3:

Cover the bottle with water.

Put your Instamorph plastic guide on the bottle.

Now you can drill a hole in the point you want.

You can also use the guide to mark the bottle. Drill a little bit and then take off the guide.

Continue drilling without it to see the hole better.

How fast should you drill?

That depends. I keep changing the speed depending on how it feels.

After drilling so many bottles, you know when to slow down or go faster.

It's a good idea to practice on a bottle that is not too fancy.