Introduction: How to Drive Dc Motor and Controll (Very Simple and Cheap)

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Hello dear friends...

In this project i have tried to teach you How to Drive Dc Motor with transistor and controll with pot.(CHEAP AND SIMPLE).

NOTE BEFORE STARTING: Connect your Arduino into your pc just for loading CODES without circuit connection.After that no connection between arduino and pc and we can set up our circuit.Used 9v adapter for power supply.Otherwise your Arduino or PC MAY get damaged.!!!

Required materiels:

x1 Arduin UNO
x1 Breadboard

x1 Simple Dc motor(You can find it inside your rc cars or fan etc. 9V please.)

x1 330 Ohm resistor (You don't have to use 330 , u may 220 or something like that)


x1 Potentiometer


All the codes(arduino) and circuit diagram (fritzing) has been uploaded here and on github(some kind of Turkish letters if you use github link):

If any question or suggestion, here or on YouTube channel please...

Good Luck,Have Fun!

Step 1: