Introduction: How to Dutch Braid

You will need a brush or comb and a hair tie.

The braid looks best with medium to long hair although it can be done with shorter hair.

NOTE: This braid is more advanced and is easier if you have previous experience in braiding.

Read through all directions first and then have fun!

Step 1: Brush Through Hair

Using a brush or comb, brush through hair that is going to be braided. Make sure there are no tangles or knots. This step will make it much easier to braid the hair.

Step 2: Separate the First Section

Separate a small to medium chunk of hair where you want your braid to begin. Follow from the middle of the eyes up to the hair line, then when you feel you have a sufficient amount hair separate it.

Step 3: Divide Section Into Three

Separate your first section into three equal sized strands.

Step 4: Begin Reverse Braid

Take the rightmost strand of hair and bring it under the middle strand. Doing this makes the previous right strand the middle strand.

Step 5: Continue Reverse Braid

Take leftmost strand and bring it under and behind the new middle strand.

Step 6: Begin to Add Hair

Starting from the hairline, grab a small chunk of hair from top right side of head where your first section left off. Add this section to your rightmost section. Take the now slightly larger section and bring it behind the middle section.

If you desire a tight braid, use many small sections for this step and the next one. If you want the braid to be looser, use larger sections for the steps.

Step 7: Repeat on Left

Again starting from the airline, grab a small section of hair from top left side of head where the first section left off, add to left most section, and bring it behind the middle section.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 6-7

Continue repeating steps 6 and 7 all the way down the nape of the neck until there is no more hair left to add.

Step 9: Finish Braid

Once there is no more hair to add to the braid, continue to regular braid the rest of the hair (like steps 4 and 5) until you can no longer braid anymore hair.

Step 10: Tie It Off

Using a hair tie, wrap up the remaining hair to finish the braid. You can add texture to the braid and loosen it, if desired, by lightly tugging on the outer strands beginning from the bottom of the braid upwards.