Introduction: How to Eat an Oero

Oreos... Milks favorite cookie. For so long, people have been doing it improperly. In this guide I will be discussing what I feel is the proper technique for going about the consumption of these delectable treats. 

Materials: Oreo Cookie(s)
Glass of Milk (Type Choice)
2 Hands, with at least a point finger and thumb on each
A Mouth in order to eat the cookies

Step 1:

Retrieve you materials. For cookies, remove them from the packaging. The package should have clear instructions on how to open it so I won't discuss methodology on how to open said package. Be sure that after they are removed from the package they are immediately placed on the plate. For milk, in a gallon remove the tab that is attached to cap or otherwise you will not be able to remove the cap, and therefore will not be able to pour said milk.

Step 2:

Pour the milk slowly into the glass, since you don't want to spill it anywhere. It just creates more mess for you to clean when we are done.

Step 3:

Take the cookie(s) and separate the top from the cream and bottom half. This is done by clasping with your pointer finger and thumb, each have of the cookie portion, and twisting one in a clockwise direction while rotating the other simultaneously in the opposite direction. This should result in a clean separation, the cream being on only one of the cookie bases.

Step 4:

Proceed to lick the cream contained on one of the bases of the cookie. There is no clear reason why this is done, but it is part of the traditional oreo cookie eating ritual.

Step 5:

Put the cookie back together, and proceed to dunk the cookie in the glass of milk.

Step 6:

Remove the dunked cookie and eat it.

Step 7: