Introduction: How to Escape From North Korea

Does your government take all your money and claim to "distribute it fairly", making high ranking officers wealthy while you starve?
Does your government force you to live in harsh conditions and participate in military activities?
Does your government hide everything about the outside world and feed you crazy lies?
Does your government refuse to be peaceful?
Seems like a pretty bad life.

Maybe you want to leave the country?
Sorry, the government won't let you.

But you can ESCAPE from North Korea.

Step 1: Climb Over the Demilitarized Zone

This is the hardest part- this fence is quite tall, barbed, and watched 24/7 by armed guards.
Make sure to bring some heavy duty clothing to climb over the barbed wire without injuring yourself too much.

VERY IMPORTANT- Dodge the bullets being shot at you while you are climbing.

Step 2: Hide From the Guards

If you get past the first step, congrats, the hardest part is over.
Now find some bushes, or a trash can, or somewhere else you can hide out for a while.
Make sure you are very quiet and ignore your thirstiness and hunger (this shouldn't be hard, you should be used to it from living in North Korea).

Wait until late at night to move.

Step 3: Clean Yourself Up

Sneak away from the guards and find some water to clean yourself in.
Look for some cleaner clothes to wear to avoid notice from the South Koreans.
Grovel for food and water for now.

Step 4: Assimilate to South Korean Society

Learn the mannerisms, dialects, and habits of South Koreans and act like one of them.
Pretend like you have lived in South Korea your entire life.
Avoid any matters that require formal identification, as you obviously don't have any, unless you can forge one.


Step 5: Live Out the Rest of Your Days in South Korea

With a steady income, living in South Korea is great, and should be very enjoyable. 
Exciting atmosphere, great nightlife, and interesting history are just a few of the things South Korea has to offer.
If you can live out your life without anyone realizing that you are actually an escaped North Korean, congratulations.