Introduction: How to Execute a 3-count About Face

Disclaimer: This movement requires a small amount of coordination and balance, those whose coordination or balance is suspect, should practice this movement on a soft surface in case of a fall. Also, this movement requires the mover to execute a 180-degree turn, those whose equilibrium is suspect should consider not attempting this movement.

Introduction: In the United States Air Force Honor Guard, key leaders are required to execute 3-count about face movements anytime they are facing a ceremony and subsequently are required to give commands to their formation of troops. In the average military honors with escort funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, the Commander of troops will be required to execute a minimum of 23 three-count about faces. This makes the movement very important to execute correctly, if done improperly not only could the Commander of troops negatively affect the ceremony, but a Commander of Troops could lose their balance and fall, potentially injuring themselves.

Pay attention to 0:40 in the video

Step 1: Begin at the Position of Attention

Begin at the position of attention, with feet together, arms straight down, hands pinned to the sides of the thighs, head and eyes straight forward.

Step 2: Left Foot "T" With Right Foot

Raise left foot a fraction of an inch off the ground, move left foot forward of the right foot, while twisting the leg to place the left foot into a “T” shape in front of the right foot and place the left foot on the ground.

Step 3: Right Foot 90-degree to Left Foot

Raise the right foot a fraction of an inch off the ground, twist the right leg to bring the right foot into a 90-degree offset from the left foot, place the right foot on the ground

Step 4: Body

Rotate the shoulders and upper body to the right to align with the toes of the right foot

Step 5: Left Foot Together With Right

Raise the left foot a fraction of an inch off the ground, twist the left leg to bring the left foot into alignment with the rest of the body and in-line with and touching the right foot.