Introduction: How to FIX Laptop Overheat Issue Insanely

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Hi Developers !
Nice to share what I have did, Hope you inspired. My laptop Suddenly OFF when it overheat, and that is really annoying.

I bought this laptop in 2009, Toshiba Satellite AMD Turion ultra X2 64, 4GB RAM.

First the battery broken, so I always need AC Power.

and then the Cooling system become not reliable.

So to Fix the issue I need to add Big HeatSink and Fan.

Sorry for not documented well, it's unplanned project

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Step 1: Make New Case and Improve the Cooling System

Things I throw away:

  • Casing
  • keyboard (I bought Wireless Keyboard and Mouse)
  • The Origin LCD (for now I am using External monitor, but I am intend to expand my origin LCD's cable so I will have 2 LCD)
  • DVD R/W (I'm never use it anyway)
  • Touchpad
  • Some light indicator
  • Touchboard

Things need to Keep :

  • Power button board
  • WiFi Antenna

Things I add to Fix Overheat issue
  • Add Heatsink and Fan
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