How to FIX a Rust Hole in a Rocker Panel (fast, Low-cost Method)

Introduction: How to FIX a Rust Hole in a Rocker Panel (fast, Low-cost Method)

Fixing a rust hole on the rocker panel can be expensive. I've done body work on cars for a lot of years, and have developed some techniques to make the job fast, easy and cheap. If you're trying to get a car through inspection and you want to car to look acceptable there are some shortcuts that are effective. Most rust on a car happens on the rocker panels. I use structural foam to fill the holes and then coat them with Body filler to give it some nice structure. Then I paint the bottom black so there is no finish work. The entire process takes about an hour. And it only cost about $20.

Step 1: Fill the Hole

To fill the hole use spray foam and fill it is full.

Step 2: Prep for Bondo

Once the foam firms up, cut if off with a saw and then sand with a rough file.

Step 3: Bondo

Put on the Bondo and then put a trash bag over the Bondo so you can shape it under control. When the bondo drys pull the bag right off.

Step 4: Paint!! :)

Put tape where you don't want paint, and then spray paint the panel. When the pant drys take off the tape.

Step 5: Finished

Now take a step back and take at the work you just did. This is fix to get you though inspection in about 45 minutes! I wouldn't do this to a show car, or to a car you are trying to flip and sell to another buyer and not tell them. This is a fix to save money and get passed inspection. By doing this you are saving $500 by not spending $500 dollars on a new panel!

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    1 year ago

    Please do not do this procedure. While it may temporarily look alright, it will cause further rust issues, as well as the extra hassle of cleaning up expandable foam the next repair.
    The proper method is to completely remove all rust, through cutting and/or grinding. The area should then be patched with a fiberglass type body filler and then sanded and painted.
    "Fixing" as shown is a poorly conducted procedure, and will cost more time, money and effort to correct later. Do it properly the first time to save headache. There are many proper procedures available online.
    Good luck.