Introduction: How to Fill a Keurig Automatically

Keurig's are great, but their water tanks have to be filled constantly. For under $20, you can install a float valve and connect a line to your sink's cold water feed line. No Plumber Required! Never fill your Keurig again! Watch the video above or read the steps below.

Step 1: Ready the Float Valve

Buy an aquarium float valve. Screw a 4 inch piece of copper wire under the mounting nut and bend it so you have two little feet on the side.

Step 2: Glue Valve Into Tank

Super Glue the feet and stick them inside the tank, just above the fill line, on the flat side of the tank, so that the water inlet points to the back.

Step 3: Connect Water Line

Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the back top of the tank and push 1/4" poly tubing through and into your valve.

Step 4: Tap Into Water Source

Under Kitchen Sink, turn off cold water line and unscrew sink hose. Screw in Tee and connect other end of 1/4 inch poly water line. Turn water back on.

Step 5: Fill and Forget

Water tank will fill up until foat valve shuts off (like a toilet float valve). Enjoy coffee, the rest of your life, without ever filling that darn tank again!

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