Introduction: How to Find an Instructable Member

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A good friend just joined the instructable team after searching and looking and navigating around the site I could not find a way to locate the member by User name.

Once you complete this easy step you will be able to locate follow and message any member not connected to an instructable.

Step 1: Instructables Home Page

First open instructables home page.

Upper right hand corner click (YOU) as pictured.

Step 2: Open Your Own Profile

Once you are here move to the next step.

Step 3: Coping the Link

Once you are on the profile page copy the link

My profile for reference.

Step 4: Editing the Link

Take the user name out of the link. As pictured remove (jones424) and replace it with your Friends user name

- jones424

= NEW Username Here /

Step 5: Robot High Five

Have a robot high five!

Hope this helps someone else while searching!

Thanks for reading