Introduction: How to Find the Worth of Comic Books!

The action-packed and comical ridden books, that have nothing but
drawings that tells a story known as comic books. Depending on of condition of these comic books can make the price of the comic books can be worth an extensive amount. I’m going to show you two steps to help find the worth of comic books.

Step 1: Step 1: What to Look For!

The first step to find the worth of
comic books is too looked at the condition of the book. This step is the most important because this could make or breaks the worth of the comic book. If the comic book is in mint condition that means they are almost brand new, like they never been worn out, which means the worth of the comic book is higher than a comic book that is indecent or poor condition. There is a numbering system that is used to help decides if the comic book is in mint, decent or poor condition, 10 being Mint while 1 is greatly poor. How to tell if the comic book is in mint condition is by looking at theses following rules:

Slight stress on the spine. The staples themselves are generally centered clean with no discernible rust. Maybe some minor color has chipped or flaked off the cover. The cover is flat with no surface wear. Inks are bright with high reflectivity and very little fading. Square and sharp corners with ever so slight blunting permitted. You can tell that this comic has been stored properly and looks almost as new as the day it was printed. The smallest amount of creasing All bindery tears are small. The cover is fairly well centered and firmly secured to interior pages. Paper is supple and like new

Step 2: Step 2: Where to Go ?

Finally, after looking over the
comic books and deciding if they are in mint, decent, or poor condition. It's time to take them to a professional to make sure that you didn't look over anything. Some different types of professionals are qualified at looking at and price the comic books such as Pawnshop owners, Comic book Store owners, and Historians. All three places have people that work there that specialize in looking at books and knowing the worth of them. If wanting to sell comic books after analyzing the condition of them these places are where you want to go and sell your comic books as well or online if you are not in an area that has none of these places. A comic book can sell up to a million dollars and go as low as just 50 cents. Taking care of the comic book when first getting then will help increase the value of them. Know the preserve the comic books will help keep them in mint condition for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help preserve comic books so in the future they are in mint condition and be sold at a high price:

· DON’T stack them. The pressure from the top books will damage the ones at the bottom of the pile. Bag and board them, and stand them upright in a storage box or file cabinet.

· DON'T store cardboard boxes on the floor of your garage or basement. Put the boxes upon milk crates or wooden pallets because a flood or water leak will destroy your books, even if they are bagged.

· DON’T put all of your comic books out on the patio, even just for the night, while you’re cleaning out your basement or wherever. That WILL be the night it rains.

· DON’T smoke around books that are out of their bags. It will yellow the pages.

· DON'T roll them up and put them in your back pocket as kids did in the '50s. It will crease the pages.

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