Introduction: How to Finger Crochet

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When working with a thicker yarn, you may want to try this technique of using your dominant hand's index finger as a crochet hook rather than an actual crochet hook.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to seamlessly utilize your good ol' pointy finger in creating chunky crochet stitches.

Note: this tutorial does not teach you how to crochet, but rather how to substitute your finger for a crochet hook. The basics of crochet stitches should already be known. However, even a beginner can learn this technique without much ado.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

I used a wool & acrylic blend yarn that called for a size 9 crochet hook. I realized when I got home that I didn't have any crochet hooks bigger than an 8. To further complicate the situation, I wanted to create super chunky stitches by doubling up the yarn, that is to say, using two lengths of yarn for every single stitch. That would mean I would need a crochet hook even larger than a size 9. I was really out of luck.

But then I realized that my fingers looked a lot like the simple shape of a crochet hook. So why not just try it? I found that my right index finger was comparable for hook sizing ranging from 10 to15. Score! Our fingers are apparently very versatile!

I decided to make a comfy throw using a weave pattern stitch, which consists mostly of half double crochets. Nothing fancy here.

Step 2: Half Double Crochet Part 1

Start off by grabbing a loop around your index finger of your dominant hand. For me, this is my right hand. For this project, I used a weave stitch of half double crochet stitches. Go about it the same way you would with a crochet hook, and you will be surprised at how natural it feels because of the full range of motion your finger has, and your ability to manipulate the yarn by bending your finger at multiple angles.

Step 3: Half Double Crochet Part 2

This part focuses on the middle of a half double crochet, when you have two loops on your hook or finger. Yarn over as you would usually would, then shape your finger into an actual hook to allow the other two loops to slide off so that you are only left with one loop on your finger.

Step 4: Utilizing Your Thumb

Just like when using a regular crochet hook, at times you may need to use your thumb to help slide off a loop from the hook. I definitely used my thumb more while 'finger crocheting,' as the texture of my finger didn't allow for loops to slide off as smoothly as they would on a plastic or medal hook.