Introduction: How to Fix Cracked Screen HTC One X9

My Mom dropped her phone, and cracked the screen as shown. It actually slipped out of the phone case while she was trying to take a photos. She was holding the phone by the case instead of the phone, and overtime it becomes loose and it can fall out, so if you have the same phone case, be very careful to avoid this from happening to you. But if it already happened, no worries you can always get the screen replacement and fix it yourself. I will guide you through the process and I hope this is useful.

Step 1: Get the New Screen

Make sure you get the new screen with the Frame. I accidentally bought the one without the Frame, and I couldn't possibly remove the screen without special equipment, as it will cracked into pieces.

I get them from Aliexpress here.

The screen comes with few small screw driver and other tools that can help you to pry open the old one.

Step 2: Open the Back Panel

Carefully remove the small plastic strip where the camera is. Once you have this open, there are two small screw that you need to remove (one under the flash light, the other one at the other end), then you should be able to pry open the back panel. Take your time as this is quite delicate.

Once the back panel is removed you should see the battery in the middle, remove this out and you will be left with top PCB and botton PCB.

Step 3: Remove the Top and Bottom PCB

Remove the cables that are connecting the screen to the top PCB. Once this is removed, there are also a small components that you need to remove, make sure you make note where it goes.

Then remove the bottom PCB, take special care to know where things goes.

You will need to remove the side button as well, the button is glued to to the screen frame, so take special care to remove this.

Step 4: Put the Top PCB and the Bottom PCB on the New Screen With Frame

Now you need to reverse the previous step and put the components into the new screen. Start with the small component at the top, then put the top PCB. Once this is done, put the speaker back, and slot in the cable from the screen frame to the top PCB.

For the bottom part, do the same, put the small component at the bottom prior to putting the bottom PCB.

Once this is done, out the connector from the bottom pcb to the top PCB, and don't forget to connect the side button cables to the top PCB.

Then connect the battery back into the slot.

Step 5: Now It Is Time to Test the Shiny New Screen

Now once you are done, put the cover back, screw the two screws back in. And you are done, phew. Now flip it back and plug it in the charger if the battery is exhausted. Otherwise just turn it on, and hopefully now the new shiny screen is working flawlessly.

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