How to Fix a Broken Key Handle




Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Key Handle

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Fixing something by yourself gives you a great feeling, where you will discover many tricks and experience in fixing something. Last week while I was opening my room door, unfortunately I broke my key so I was unable to use it anymore. I decided to fix it! by myself.


In this instructable you will need:

  • piece of wood with 4cm length and 2cm width.
  • saw
  • drill
  • glue(white glue or super glue)
  • wood dust
  • pen torch
  • sandpaper

Step 1: The Problem!

As you can see in the above pictures that the handle of the key is broken. Without this handle, the key is useless because if we study the process of opening a door with a key we can conclude that all force given by the hand will transfer through this handle and its hinge. So it will be hard to make a force on the broken key to rotate it in the lock.

Step 2: Saw the Base

In this step, you may take your own dimensions for the handle according to the key that you have, so make sure to have the right measurements before start working. In my case, I saw a piece of dimensions 4cm in length and 2cm in width from a strong Oak-wood.

Step 3: Mark the Center

Before the drilling process, you must mark the center of the wooden piece by taking the perfect measurements of the key stem with the wooden handle.

Step 4: Drilling

This step is pretty easy, first set your drill with a 7mm bit (again it may differ according to the measurements of the key stem.), then drill the marked center slowly to the have of the wooden handle about 1cm inside.

Step 5: Saw-Dust and Glue Mixture

This step has a new trick that you may not know it, so what happens here is that reuse the Saw-Dust of wood and mix them with white glue or superglue.

This mixture characterized by the durability where it makes a strong layer between the two surfaces and closes the gaps between the surfaces.

I use in one of my other projects: in the 3rd step wooden hand knife

Step 6: Stick It Up!

Add to the drilled hole the mixture you have made from saw-dust and superglue and then insert the stem of the key through the hole. Their is another method that I use by putting the saw-dust first in the hole then add glue on them to stick the stem.

Step 7: Sanding

When you be sure that the handle sticks well in the key then it is ready for sanding, In the sanding process I use a rough sand tool then I used P220 sandpaper and sand it very well.

Step 8: Polish It!

To look more attractive I polish the wooden handle where it will be better and it will preserve it.

Step 9: Optional Addition

This step is optional where it will make it more attractive, but be sure that if you want to apply this you must do it before polishing using a pen torch.

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    2 years ago

    it looks great! I have such a broken key, I will try to fix it like that.
    thank you


    2 years ago on Step 5

    This method will not work as the end fitted in the wood will rotate as soon as it encounters resistance. The end needs to be flattened first. A smaller hole size is required to be drilled. The end has to be hammered into the hole. Finally a pin has to be fixed across the flattened end and the wooden handle.

    Hassan Nasser
    Hassan Nasser

    Reply 2 years ago

    No you're not right, the key is aleardy flat so it will not get off the wooden handle after glueing it with this mixture.
    Be sure this works, I am still using it for my room.

    Kink Jarfold
    Kink Jarfold

    2 years ago on Step 9

    I did something similar with an old staple missing its plunger top. Kudos on a job well done.

    Hassan Nasser
    Hassan Nasser

    Reply 2 years ago

    Vote for this instructable if you like it in the fixit! Contest.

    Hassan Nasser
    Hassan Nasser

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you
    It looks great, well done! Why you didn't make instructable about that?