Introduction: How to Fix a Leaking Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976

If your coffee maker pools water underneath after brewing the carafe side it's most likely a specific hose that gets loose where it connects to the spout on top. This will hopefully help you fix it.

The goal is to get the back off and you'll need a tri wing screwdriver to remove the bottom panel, the one I used was labeled size Y1. The rest are standard Philips head.

You can risk just reattaching the original clamp but I suggest using something more permanent like a hose clamp.

There are also other methods such as simply cutting a hole in the back where the hose is attached which may or may not be easier depending on the tools you have on hand. There's a YouTube video about this method.

Edit 6/30/20:
The coffee maker failed again after the 3rd time fixing this with the hose clamp so please manage your expectations. Ended up getting a Ninja that I'm very happy with, best of luck!

Step 1: The Bottom

On the bottom of the machine there are eight tri wing screws and only the middle back one is connected to the back panel, but to be able to pull the sides away it's easier to remove the whole bottom piece.

Step 2: The Sides

You'll need to pull the sides away from the back panel to expose 4 screws. There's 4 tabs on each to push in with a flathead that will allow it to pull away.

Step 3: The Back

Once the sides are away there's five screws to remove. Two at the top with the head facing down and two and the bottom facing the back. The last one is below the carafe flap at the top and requires removing the cover at its hinge, but be careful there's two little platic tabs that break pretty easily. Now the back can slide down and expose the problem.

The hose feeding hot water up to the top of the machine isn't attached correctly, the metal clamp it comes with doesn't do the job. The first two times I did this fix I used a zip tie in conjunction with the clamp but was still not enough. The latest time I used a 1/2" hose clamp which should be much more secure.

Hope this helps you!