Introduction: How to Fix a Remote Control Keyless Entry System on Honda Accord 2001

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Fixing it is easy under 30min
You can follow the same principle for other cars ,mine is honda accord 2001 make sure you download the wiring diagram online to make it easier for you
You can watch the full video on youtube kennotech repairs&fixes


Keyless entry system of your choice
Cutting plier, blade, black tape.

Step 1: Sorting Out the Wires

There are 10 wires that comes with it but we will only be connecting 8
1there is red which is to be connected directly to positive+ steady 12vts
2 Black :to the ground or negative 12vts
3 2 yellows: attach them to the grounds or neg-
4 2 oranges: useless cut them
5 white: for lock signal,find a black/white wire on the fuse box side& connect
6 white/black: for unlock signal ,find green/red wire and connect
7 purple: for parking lights, find a red/ black wire and connect
8 pink : for trunk release: white/red

Step 2: Finding & Connecting Wires

All the connection is going to be done at the fuse box side
1 find a white wire carrying steady 12+ confirm with your multimeter and connect the red wire from the keyless entry system
2 join the black & 2 yellow wire together and connect to ground or 12-(neg)
5 find black/white wire from the fuse box & connect the white wire this is the lock signal
6connect the white/black & green/red of the fuse box together this is the unlock signal.
7 join the purple with red/black of fuse box together this is parking lights
pink together white/ red equals trunk release only if your trunk is motorised

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