Introduction: How to Fix a Slow Keurig

Your Keurig should pump about 1 inch of water out of the tank in about 20 seconds. If its way slower or less than that, you have a clog. First, try running vinegar through your Keurig to descale it. If that does not work, here are 4 ways you can try to fix it.

Note, the top picture, with a yellow banner is a video version of this instructable.

Step 1: Water Input Filter

Unscrew the metal screen from the bottom of the tank, clean with toothbrush and put it back.

Step 2: Bottom Needle

Take out the Pod cup, pop off the bottom and clean the needle with a paper clip.

Step 3: Top Needle

Lift lid and clean 3 holes in top needle with a paper clip.

Step 4: Top Elbow

Lift lid, remove screws, pull off cover, lift plastic ring, pull off tube, and clean out.