How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone in Minutes Not Days




Introduction: How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone in Minutes Not Days

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How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone in Minutes not Days . If water or any liquid spills on your phone, or you somehow get any moisture on your cell phone or tablet , this trick will save the wet and water damaged phone in minutes. In this tutorial you will learn how to fix and repair a wet cell phone and reverse the damage and save your wet phone. I have found that this technique is a better to fix liquid damage after personally using a blow dryer, rice, silica gel and this method I found this method fixed my cellphone in minutes compared to the other methods.

Step 1: Take the Phone Apart

As soon as any liquid spills on your phone dry as much as you can off of the phone and then take it all the way apart. You'll want to make sure the battery sim card SD card and anything else in or on your phone is completely off.

Step 2: Get Out Your Vacuum With the Smallest Nozzle

After you take your phone completely apart proceed to vacuum your phone with the nozzle cupping your hand to create suction going over every single section for 3 minutes. You have to feel the suction, the phone should stay on the vacuum on its own if you are doing it properly. Be sure to turn the phone on each side, front , and back slowly sliding the vacuum and then cupping the nozzle. If you phone isn't working after the first time you may have to repeat this process a few times.

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    4 years ago

    This isn't something i will try experimentally, the stakes are too high!!


    This is a useful technique to keep in mind when an emergency strikes.

    The other consideration is that it can be important to eliminate contaminants in the intruding liquid i.e acids from soft drinks, salts from soup.


    5 years ago

    Does this actually work? I feel like this would work in some cases but not all and you'd have to do it right away, not be out somewhere and do it when you get home.


    Reply 5 years ago

    It worked for me. I was sitting down eating a bowl of soup and the entire bowl spilled on my phone and the yellow damage indicator came on!!! I tried all sorts of things that didn't work and then tried the vacuum. I had to do it about 3 times but my phone did come back on. Not sure the time frame of how long your phone can be wet, but I would imagine the same principle would apply if a few hours passed until you got home