Introduction: How to Cartoon Yourself for Social Media Pictures & Anything Else

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Make a cool cartoon profile picture of yourself for any of your social media pictures using momentcam. Other than social media you can share the cartoon of yourself anywhere else. No drawing skills needed !!

Step 1: What You Will Need

The first thing you will need in order to make a cartoon of yourself is the Momentcam App. It is Free and available on both Google Play and Itunes.

Step 2: Open the App

Once you have your app downloaded go ahead and open it. Once you have the app open click caricatures.

Step 3: Get Started

In your app tap the face to get started on editing. Also, if you are unable to tap the face, look to the bottom left corner and you will see the words "face edit" click there and you will be able to edit the face from there also.

Step 4: Take an Awesome Picture of Yourself

After tapping the face a menu will appear. Tap the orange button that has a smiley face and camera to the left it will ask do you want to take a picture or use a picture from your album. If you are new to the app, you will need to take a picture. Once you tap take picture this will activate the camera. Be sure to align your face with the green outline hold your camera steady and take your picture. You can choose to smile or not either way will show up well from my experience.

Step 5: Design Your Picture

In this step you design your picture. Your can edit the following:

  • Age. This app will give you the option to choose Adult, Child, or Baby
  • Gender
  • Chin type
  • Hair style and color
  • Skin tone . Light ,Medium, or Dark
  • Glasses Style if you add glasses
  • Mustache or Goatee if added
  • Eye shape
  • Eyebrows Shape
  • Facial Expression
  • Hat or Assesories if added

Once you have finished designing your cartoon picture to your liking you can press confirm at the top right hand corner.

Step 6: Choose a Background

After you design your facial features and accesories it is time to choose a background.Your can choose the following styles.

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Avatar style (headshot)

Tap on the word designs on the very bottom of your screen in the middle.

Here you can scroll through the large variety of backgrounds. The backgrounds are categories into different genres. There is also a search bar if you are looking for a specific type of background.

If you click the 3 dots on the right of the genre list it will take you to all incase you are missing any genre categories you would like to add.

Step 7: Save & Upload

Once you have your picture and background(s) you like it is time to save the picture and upload it to your social media.The picture you saved will download to the gallery in your device.

Please Note: Once you save your cartoon profile picture you can share it instead of uploading it to the following:

  • Facebook & Facebook
  • Instagram
  • What's App
  • Text Messaging
  • Google Drive
  • Pinterest
  • & More