Introduction: How to Fold Jeans in Retail

I have worked for Target for over two years, in those two
years, we have had to follow certain regulations regarding how we fold our clothing items that are out on the sales floor. We have to keep our clothing items such as t-shirts and jeans up to standard with the proper folds, as to make sure they look professional. It’s pretty obvious when walking into a store and looking at a stack of jeans if they have been tended to recently. It makes it hard for a customer to shop for a certain size if nothing is folded properly and just scattered around every which way. At Target, we like to make shopping a breeze for our customers; therefore, we make sure to tend to every department and re-organize and bring out missing sizes (if possible) from the backroom if they are not on the sales floor. When walking up to a stack of jeans, someone who knows exactly what size they need should be able to simply grab and go or take them to try them on in the fitting rooms. In order to do so, they should be folded properly and sized from smallest to largest.


Jeans, flat surface such as a table or the floor, your own two hands.

Step 1: Supplies

I am going to be showing how to fold a pair of jeans as we do in the store. You will need; your hands, a table or flat surface, a pair of jeans and some patience

Step 2:

First, fold the pants in half the long way so that the bottom of the jeans line up and the back pockets are on the inside of your fold. When doing this step you want to make sure that the belt loops at the top of the jeans match up and that the ankles of the pant legs are matched up as well and lie flat on the table.

Step 3:

Next, position the pants with the zipper on the left side. By having the zipper on the left side of the table it sets the jeans up for a nice fold and also makes the following steps easier and is also demanded by corporate.

Step 4:

Then, fold the area of the pants with the zipper behind the jeans. The crotch of the jeans should make a triangular fold and when it is folded in it should make a nice, neat line on the left side of the jeans. You will want this straight edge to make the square fold at the end of the process.

Step 5:

After that, hold the area of the zipper and fold the jeans from the waistline to the ankle. The crotch area of the jeans should be on the inside of your fold and the button and front pockets should be on the top. By doing this, the jeans should now be folded in half and the waistline should be lined up nicely with the ankle of the jeans as well as having a straight edge where the zipper was folded in. When folding the jeans in this step it should secure the crotch area of the jeans and you will be able to let go of that area.

Step 6: Final Product

Next, fold the jeans in half again from the top to the bottom. By now, you have completed folding the jeans and should have a very neat square shape to the fold.

Step 7: