Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Eight-Pointed Star

In this, my first Instructable, I will be showing you how to make your own eight-pointed origami star like the one pictured. This picture is of course not one of my own design because the one I had originally made was so homely that it has yet to be asked to the box social; I'll save it for last.

Step 1: To the Square Fold

The first real big step of this origami piece is the square fold. You'll essentially be folding two corners to one between the two and the squashing it (neatly) into one square shape.

Step 2: To the Bird Base

The next hurdle to jump is the bird base. The images can explain the majority of what you need to do, but following the last picture you just need to press the part sticking up down into a kite shaped object.

Step 3: To the Star!

Now this step contains a large number of irritating little folds that I assure you aren't just because I neglected to add steps. First, you'll want to open up the bird base you made (not all the way), get a nice square slightly formed on the top and fold two sides in so that it looks like the second picture. It will look like a triangle when you're done; all you've done to this point is just pushing the top tip of the bird base into the base. What you see in the third picture will be repeated on all sides till you get the forth picture. The eighth picture is just the origami piece pictured in the seventh picture flipped upside down. In the ninth, you're just folding parts of the back of the origami piece to be flush with the front, just don't try to fold them all the way down and tear the paper. The tenth picture shows you that folding the piece in half helps to get the creases in place so that they stay in place easier. Repeat on all sides and flip over. Then decorate! Enjoy your star, as I did mine. 

Step 4: My Star

Ain't she a beaut?