Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Hat | Traditional

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Welcome to another How To Origami Tutorial! This tutorial is very easy and will teach you how to make the traditional origami hat. I highly recommend watching the video embedded in this step to learn. You may also use this instructable if you choose to. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel How To Origami for more great content like this. Good Luck!

Step 1: Obtain and Fold Paper

This model requires standard printer paper (also A4 paper), or anything that is a little longer than a square. Once you have your paper, fold it "hamburger style" or short side to short side. Use a bone folder or your fingernail to create a strong crease.

Step 2: Fold in Half Again and Unfold

Fold the paper in half a second time. Use hamburger style again (short side to short side). Once a solid crease is made, unfold the last crease. The paper should be positioned as shown in the second picture. The open end of the paper should be facing towards you (crease from step 1 should be at the top).

Step 3: Fold the Top Edges Inwards

Fold the right upper edge into the center crease created in the last step. Then do the same with the upper left edge. The model should look like the second image when you are done. Again, make sure creases are firm.

Step 4: Fold Bottom Edges Up

Fold the top layer bottom edge up as far as it will go. It should look similar to the first image. Then flip the model over and do the same. Try to make both folds identical. These folds should be very strong.

Step 5: Wear It!

The hat should open from the bottom and inflate. The only thing left now is to try it on for size! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please consider subscribing to the How To Origami YouTube channel to show your support. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions or suggestions. Have a good day!