Introduction: How to Fold an Origami Triforce From the Legend of Zelda

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Do you enjoy the Legend of Zelda video game series? Then you will love the fast and easy Origami Triforce that I created and diagrammed! All you need is a square piece of paper and a will to fold. And if you enjoyed this tutorial, check out my other original origami designs on my Instructables page! Have fun! P.S. I soon hope to add a video too, so check on it after awhile. And I would love too see what anyone comes up with, so please post some pictures or an I made It! Thank you!

Step 1: The Preliminary Folds

For this tutorial I’m using yellow and white paper as you can see from the photos. First, lay the paper white side up and valley fold and unfold the paper horizontally, creating a crease in the middle. Next, fold the top and bottom edges to the middle crease and then unfold. After that, do the same three folds vertically, but this time try and only crease to the previous folds, making what you would call a mark fold. As you can see I’m highlighting the finished creases with a pencil so they are easier to see.

Step 2: Precreasing the Triforce Shape

It actually was a little hard coming up with a design that would make an equilateral triangle, but this is how I did it. You can see a large square made out of the creases, right? Well, we are going to use that somewhat. If you are using 6 inch paper, then measure 3/16” out from each lower corner of the square. The photo helps so study it closely. Mountain fold from those points upward to the point and across to each other, making a triangular fold. The second photo shows what your end product should look like. Try not to fold out more than the triangle because the finished model will look better then. When you think you got it flatten the paper back down.

Step 3: Forming the Middle Triangle

Now, the first step is to fold down the top flap of paper on a previous fold you made. Next, take the bottom edge of the paper and fold it alongside the two marks I’ve highlighted. Then do the same thing on the other side, forming a white triangle in the middle. Flip the model over.

Step 4: Finalizing the Triforce Shape

Now, you should notice the triangular folds that we made in step 2. Using one of these creases, fold the bottom flap up. Now fold the right flap over top of that. Lastly, fold the left side over.

Step 5: Locking in the Model

Now fold the excess paper inside the the model until it is flush with the triangle. Flip over.

Step 6: Finished!

There you have it! You can see a pencil line in my finished product but that was just to help you better see the creases. For the cover photo, I used some paper that had gold foil on one side and black on the other, which you can buy online. In addition, Dollar General sells a big roll of gold wrapping paper for just $1, and it looks great with the white background. Nevertheless, in the end the 6 inch yellow and white paper is the easiest to come buy and looks pretty good too. Here's a good idea! Stick the finished model onto your gaming console so you will always see it when your playing your favorite Link game. Happy folding, and don’t forgot to favorite, subscribe, and comment if you liked this instructable! Oh, and I'm putting this into a contest, so please vote!

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