Introduction: How to French Braid

This is an easy hair-style that can be varied in many different ways. To begin, I will show how to create a standard french braid.

Pro-tip: Leave the french braid in overnight for beachy waves the next morning!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

For this hair project you won't need much! Just a comb, an elastic, and your own two hands will do!

Step 2: Comb Out Your Hair.

Make sure that your hair is detangled before you begin. Trying to french braid hair that has knots is no fun for anyone!

Step 3: Divide Hair Into Three Sections.

Take a small chunk of hair from the top of your head and divide into three sections.

Step 4: Begin to Braid.

You may start with either side but I have started on the right. Begin to braid by crossing over one section from the side into the middle, followed by the next section from the opposite side to the middle.

I have started with the section on the right first and crossed it over into the middle.

Step 5: Gather More Hair.

Since I started with the section from the right and crossed it over to the middle, I use my right hand to gather some more hair from the right side of my head. (This hair will be used to add to the braid as I continue to french braid.)

I drop the section that is now to the far right and will combine it with the new section of hair that I have just grabbed.

Step 6: Repeat on Opposite Side.

Now cross the top section from the left over to the middle. Using your left hand, scoop a new section of hair from the left side and combine with dropped section of hair.

Step 7: Continue Down the Head.

Continue alternating sections down the head. Cross over another section from the right to the middle, then grab a new section on right and combine with dropped section. Next, cross over a section from left to middle, grab a new section on left and combine. Continue all the way until you have no new hair left to grab from the head and continue with a regular braid.

Step 8: Fasten With an Elastic.

After you've finished braiding the rest of the hair, fasten with an elastic and you're ready to jet!