Introduction: How to Get Waves & How to Tie a Durag

In this generation the new and cool hairstyle that everyone want are waves, and the new hat for having a bad hair day is durags. Anyone could get waves and let me tell you a little secret the ladies love waves so, you might want to watch and learn.

Step 1: Hair Texture

For this step is very easy you'll just have to figure out what type of hair texture you have, then train your hair to be straight and laid.

Step 2: Accessories

In this step you will have to dig in the piggy bank to go to a beauty supply store to get accessories for example a brush, comb, wave products and washing products.

Step 3: Hot Method Towel

This method is basically only for applying the wave products to you hair, reason why is because some products could be wax which is very hard so what the hot towel do makes your hair moist enough to apply the wax. So, you just have to place a wet rag in a microwave heat it up for 10-20 sec then take it out to put on your head for 10 sec then apply the gel or wax.

Step 4: Comb & Brush Session

The brush session is after you put all the wave products in you hair and now you need to comb everything through your head make sure you get the wax or gel all over, and then you are suppose to brush your hair for 15-30 minutes everyday.

Step 5: Applying the Durag

Last step is to apply your durag on and make sure its tight and compressed flat down so you hair can train to be laid I would show you the steps in video.