Introduction: How to Get Your Baby Used to Bathing in 5 Days

Hey mamas! If you are anything like me I was SO scared to put my little in the bathtub.

It is constant confusion of where do my hands go, then where do his go, and then how do I even WASH the child?


So I am sure like so many other mama's, we did little birdie baths every night. Until about a month ago.

My little was just over six months old and still getting bird baths. I decided it's time.

I tried to get him near water and he FREAKED! I tried to take a bath with him and again he FREAKED. Finally with the help of my husband I did a dry run and after about a minute the water works came on. There we were sitting in the tub naked, my husband extending his arm out, my little and I both in tears.

That night I laid in bed worrying that I had waited WAY to long to get my little in the tub and around water. So like any other mom I took to google. Of course a MILLION different opinions and things to do came up, and some I had already tried. The most humorous was taking a shower with your 5 month old child. In theory it really does seem like a brilliant idea, and I would love to! But I am not about to hold my slippery child in a slippery shower, only to put his towel on while I am left freezing and towel-less.

So here is a tried and true way to get you child into a bathtub or sink in a matter of days. It took us about five days until he was happily playing and splashing about! Let's get started!

Step 1: Get Your Baby Used to the Water Running!

First turn on the water. Have your child watch as the water comes out and fills up the tub or sink. Constantly show them your hand, play and touch the water. Once it's almost full turn off the water and just let them sit there on the ledge of the sink or tub. They will be looking at the water and at you, they might be interested and maybe a little unsure.

After about a minute take one of their feet and put it in the water. See how they react, also try cupping some water in your hand and pour it over their feet or belly. I made a lot of giggling noises and explained to him what was happening.

If they start crying, you are done. If they aren't bothered by it, try putting the other foot in.

You don't want the first experience to be too traumatic so take it slow and when they cry don't push it. Make sure to tell them what a great job they did!

Step 2: Be Repetitive

Every night part as of your daily routine or bedtime routine keep up step 1.

Let them watch you fill up the sink/tub, and have them sit there before you cup the water to pour on them. Some children by the second night will trying dipping their toes in on their own. This is progress. Keep it light hearted with lots of praise!

Step 3: The BIG Dip

After your child is wiling to dip their toes in it's time to take it a little further and see if they don't mind having the whole booty submerged as well! This is a big step as it's also a new feeling to them.

Once you have gotten to this step, have your baby towel handy and keep one hand on the child at ALL times. Bathtubs and sinks are very slippery and babies can change positions in a second!

Remember to take it slow and the second there is crying stop and give them praise for how far they got.

The third night we were only booty submerged for about 30 seconds. Then the sad face came, so before there were even tears I had him wrapped in his towel and we were done!

Step 4: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Babies need and love repetition.

Finally by the fourth night we were able to be in the sink for about three minutes. I was done washing him in about 30 seconds, but I just help him as he experimented with the water. Putting his hands in and out of it, and watching the soap bottle float when he pulled it in. He also touched his legs and feet in the water.

It really showed me how awesome it is to watch your child learn and how they experiment with the world around them.

Step 5: Time to Enjoy!

I hope that these steps helped with you and your littles bath time routine.

Remember that if they don't get it right away, it's all about repetition and keeping it part of a routine.

Safe and fun bathing!

Xo Mama Mere Bear!