Introduction: How to Get in the Christmas Mood?

Christmas is coming , the most waited season of the year , but are you doing it right? Follow the steps to be ready with the most christmas mood posible. Hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: Wait for the Right Time.

Yes I know you are too excited and even if it's february you could already be getting in the christmas mood , but you got to be patient. So wait for the end of november and start getting your self ready.

Step 2: Do a Countdown

You can start with the countdown when December starts...any app or a calendar will help with the emotion.

Step 3: Cold Weather = Sweater Weather

You can't start winter not prepared for those cold days that you might hate if you don't have a special sweather to go out with or a good scarf. So make sure you do this with time so cold don't surprise you.

Step 4: Hot Hot Hot

Choose any hot beverage to make you company during those cold and long days, anyone can make a hot chocolate or even a warm milk. Yum!

Step 5: Christmas Decorations

You bettermake a list about the Christmas decorations you’ll need. Think about the Christmas three, and all this stuff you put on it, the boots or socks, Christmas wreaths, inflatable Santa, and reindeers, etc., and the most important, the lights that can’t miss.

Step 6: The Tree

TheChristmas tree; Go and look for the best tree at the store, it could be natural or artificial, the Christmas tree could have literally whatever you want or imagine, but the traditional one has:

- Lights around the tree

- The star at the top

- This Christmas balls, that can be of one color, or have decoration

- The little Christmas figures, snow mans, gift boxes, Santa Clauses, etc.

And if you are a religious person or family, the famous “Nacimiento” at the bottom

Step 7: Get Ready With Your Gift Exchange

You have to know what does like to the person that

you will gave the gift. Also you could do something by yourself, maybe it could be better for the person. He should appreciate more it. Decorate the gift with things about christmas and that kind of things, so it would see prettiest than if you just give without wrap.Everybody wants a good gift push yourself with that.

Step 8: Noche Buena

Get ready with every ¨Nochebuena¨ flower.

The Christmas time is here, and at this season is a must to decorate the house as prettier as possible, in this case, the decoration of the living room is the main topic. To every mexican family is a tradition this kind of flower, so look for some and make a crown of it.

Step 9: Cookies Should Always Be a Good Idea

Christmas cookies made by all the family is a lovely way to celebrate this date, to decorate them and eat them together too.