Introduction: How to Get the Perfect Glam Eyebrows

Today I will help you achieve the perfect glam eyebrows with some simple steps and products

1.face primer or moisturizer
2.a dip brow that suits you or a eyebrow pencil
3.concealer(should be two shades lighter then you
4.a defined brush, blending brush, and a eyebrow brush that comes with a spoolie

Step 1: Priming or Moisturizing Your Face

1.)open up your primer or moisturizer
2.)put a dime size amount on the palm of your hand
3.)spread it evenly across your face with your hands
4.)let it dry for a couple of seconds

Step 2: Getting the Eyebrows Ready

1.)grab the eyebrow brush with the spoolie and brush your eyebrows hair up into the shape of your eyebrows

Step 3: Drawing on Your Eyebrows

1.)grab a small amount of your dip brow with the eyebrow brush and draw a line in the lower part of your eyebrow form the middle of your eyebrow to the end of your eyebrow
2.)you will do the same with the top of your eyebrow

Step 4: Blending in Your Eyebrow With the Dip Brow

1.) with the eyebrow brush get a little more dip brow and blend in everything with a light hand

Step 5: Doing the Beginning of Your Eyebrow (the Lighter Part)

1.)with what you have left in your eyebrow brush form the dip brow draw a line LIGHTLY on the bottom of your eyebrow
2.)do the same with the top of your eyebrow
3.)blend everything LIGHTLY

Step 6: Concealing the Eyebrow

1.)put a small amount of the concealer on the top of your hand
2.)with the defined brush you will apply the concealer on the entire bottom of your eyebrow (doing the top is optional)

Step 7: Blend the Concealer

1.)with the blending brush make sure you blend VERY well so it doesn’t look uneven and it doesn’t leave white spots

Step 8: Finish Product

You are done complete the other eyebrow and you are ready:)
Enjoy your glam eyebrows✨