Introduction: How to Give Up on Your Dreams

Giving up on your dreams may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow this checklist, you can be assured to achieve failure in no time! Luckily, this task requires minimal materials however, it's always good to have a box of tissues on hand to cry into.


-Life Goals




Step 1: Make a List

You'll want to plan out your dreams if you haven't already. Write them down to get a good list going. Start thinking of ways to achieve these dreams and all the steps required. How can you actively take steps every day to make this a reality? For example, if you want to be a doctor you'll need to go to medical school. At least if you want to be a good doctor.

Step 2: Start Working on Your Goals

In order to properly give up on your dreams you need to start working on them first. You can't give up on your dream if you haven't started yet. Start by working on that list and cross off steps you can take each day to make your dream almost true.

Step 3: Get Discouraged

Halfway through your list you should be faced with some sort of obstacle. Depending on how difficult this obstacle is you'll debate on giving up. This is a good sign! You are one step closer to successfully failing.

Step 4: Settle

When you finally realize you've had enough start thinking of easier options instead. Maybe you can finally get that subpar customer service job instead!

Step 5: Congratulations!

You've now officially given up on your dreams. Now you can finally join that spin class you never had time for. To further develop your downward spiral check out our guide on how to get kicked out of spin class.