Introduction: How to Glitter Wine Glasses

How to Glitter Wine Glasses
Glitter is as useful for adults as it is for children. You can customize wine glasses into a set of glitzy barware for a present, bachelorette party, Oscar party or other fancy occasion. After you have designed your glasses, make sure to seal them thoroughly, so that the glitter stays on the glasses and not in your dishwasher

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Step 1: Things You Need?

Wine glasses
Mod Podge
Lacquer sealing spray
Paint brush
Painter’s tape
Butcher paper/paper towels

Step 2: Preparing the Project

Purchase a set of glass wine glasses. You can find inexpensive sets at Ross or TJ Maxx, or you can pick up glasses at the thrift store.

Step 3: Preparing the Project

Buy glitter in your favorite colors, Mod Podge, a paintbrush and lacquer sealing spray at the craft store. Not every craft store will carry the lacquer clear coat, but it is the ingredient that will ensure your glitter glasses are washable.

Step 4: Preparing the Project

Set up your workstation. Use a flat table and cover it with a sheet of poster board or cardstock. You can gather the glitter from the cardstock and funnel it back into the glitter container for reuse.

Step 5: Step 1

Make a sketch of how you want to design the glasses. The following are popular design schemes for glitter wine glasses:
Use glitter on the stems, leaving the upper glass portion bare.
Write a name or initials onto the side of the glass and cover it in glitter. You may want to find a flexible stencil if you want to use this design, but you don’t trust your freehand calligraphy.
Make glitter stripes around the bowl of the glass or the stem. You will stripe the glass with painter’s tape to create even stripes.
Glitter around the base of the stem for a more subtle glitter glass.
Use glitter on almost the entire glass, leaving a stripe on the top for easy sipping. You may need to buy more glitter to complete this design.

Step 6: Step 2

Mark off the spots you want to glitter with painter’s tape. Create a barrier with painter’s tape and plan to paint the glue on above or below the tape. If you want to protect the rest of the glass, use butcher paper secured with tape or paper towels.

Step 7: Step 3

Open your jar of Mod Podge. Insert your brush and wipe off excess on the rim. Apply a generous amount of glue to the area where you want the glitter to be.
Try not to apply too much glue. You want the glitter to stick, but you don’t want the glue to drip.

Step 8: Step 4

Shake the tube of glitter onto the glue covered area. Use a lot of glitter, but beware that you should apply it over the cardstock at all times. Turn the glass as you shake out the glitter to get around the curves of the glass.

Step 9: Step 5

Allow the glue to dry on the work area for about one hour. Return and remove the tape. You can now repeat the process with another color of glue by marking off the dried and bare sections with butcher’s paper and painting tape.
Don’t apply painter’s tape directly on the glitter section. It has not yet cured.
If there are any holes in your previous coat, simply apply more Mod Podge and more glitter. You can apply a second coat to the entire section if it is spotty.[1]

Step 10: Step 6

Leave the final coat to dry and cure for four to 12 hours. It should cease to be tacky before you seal it.

Step 11: Step 7

Take your glasses outside if possible for this step. Set up a work area that is protected by newspapers or a drop cloth.

Step 12: Step 8

Leave the tape and butcher paper on the glasses. However, peel back the very bottom of the tape, where it connects with the glitter, so that you can seal the edge.

Step 13: Step 9

Shake the can of spray lacquer according to package directions. It usually requires 30 seconds to one minute of shaking.

Step 14: Step 10

Spray the lacquer over the glittered portion of your wine glasses. Keep the can at least six inches (15cm) away from the glasses to avoid dripping.[2]

Step 15: Step 11

Wait until it has dried. Then, apply a second clear coat. Review the package directions to find out how long you will need to wait between coats

Step 16: Step 12

Use your glasses after the lacquer has cured. You should be able to wash them in the dishwasher, thanks to the lacquer coats. However, they will respond even better to hand washing.

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