Introduction: How to Grow Carrots Indoors

Growing carrots can be both fun and very rewarding. There are many different varieties of carrots which makes it possible to grow them nearly anywhere. This instructable will focus on teaching the user how to grow carrots indoors in a very cost efficient way. This project will take about 15 minutes to set up and will cost less than $10. 

Caution: Scissors or a knife will be used in this project. It is very important to be careful when using these as they are sharp and could injure the user if not used properly. 

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For this project one will need six things. 

1. empty 2 liter bottle 
2. scissors or knife
3. Package of Carrot Seeds (can be found at gardening store: Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) $2.48
4. 1 bag (2 Liters) of Organic Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix or other seed starting soil equivalent (can also be found at above places) $2.49
5. Container to catch water in.
6. Cup for watering

Step 2: Making the Container

1. Rinse the 2 liter bottle out thoroughly with hot water. This will ensure to rid the container of any leftover substances that could be harmful to the carrots.

2. Carefully use the pair of scissors to cut off the top part of the bottle as shown. (It may be helpful to draw a dotted guide line around the bottle using a marker if you want, but it is not necessary.)

Step 3: Poking Drainage Holes

1. Using a knife or a pair of scissors poke several very small holes in the bottom of the 2 liter container. The purpose of the holes is to allow excess water to drain, but not to allow the soil to exit the container.

Remember to use caution during this step, being carful not to point the knife or scissors towards yourself.

Step 4: Inserting Soil

1. Pour the soil (Organic Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix in this case) into the 2 liter container until it is about an inch from the top. 

Step 5: Inserting Seeds

1. Using your finger poke three holes about an 1/8" deep and about 2" apart into the soil.

2. Insert one seed into each hole. 

3. Fill in each of the holes with soil so that the seeds are covered. 

Step 6: Preparing to Water

1. Set the 2 liter container now holding the planted seeds in a container that will catch any extra water that seeps through. 

* Note that the first time you water the seeds the water seeps through the soil very quickly. With this in mind you might want to water it over the sink the first couple of times until the soil begins to become saturated.

Step 7: Watering the Seeds

1. Water the seeds. When watering the seeds be sure to saturate the soil without flooding it. The soil should not have standing water on top, but it does need to be quite moist.

Step 8: Continue Watering and Wait

1. Put the container in a place that gets about 6 hours of sunlight a day to ensure maximum plant growth.

2. Continue watering the carrots often making sure that the soil doesn't dry out. Once the seedlings have emerged from the soil less watering is required.

*It should also be noted that the container that catches the water will have to be emptied periodically as need be.

3. The last step in the process is waiting. Carrots can take anywhere from two to two and a half months to finish growing depending on the variety. This may seem like a long time, but getting to finally eat the fruit (or vegetable) of you labor is well worth it!
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