Introduction: How to Grow Seed Potatoes in a Potato Bag.

You will learn how to grow the seed potatoes in a potato bag so you will be able to save money and learn how to grow your own unique potatoes.

Step 1: Gather All of Your Supplies.

You will need to gather your supplies to grow your potatoes in a bag. You will need things such as-

  • Gloves
  • Gardening Soil
  • Shovel
  • Potatoe Bag
  • Seeds Potatoes

Step 2: What You Will Use the Gloves For

You will use the gloves to make sure you do not dirty your hands from the gardening soil.

Step 3: What You Will Use the Soil For.

You will use the soil for is use it to help the seed potatoes to grow.

Step 4: What You Will Need the Shovel For.

You will need the shovel to put the soil in the potato bag unless you just want to pour the soil in the bag.

Step 5: What You Will Need the Seed Potatoes For.

You will need the seed potatoes so you will be able to grow the potatoes.

Step 6: What You Will Need the Potato Bag For.

You will need the potato bag to have something to grow the potatoes with.

Step 7: Put the Soil in the Bag

What you will do after you gather all your supplies you will use your shovel to put the gardening soil in the potatoe bag until you think the amount of soil you put in the bag is good to grow your unique potatoes.

Step 8: Put the Seeds Potatoes in the Potatoe Bag.

You will put the seeds potatoes in the bag on the soil and make sure the tubes are pointing up not down to make your unique potatoes.

Step 9: Planting the Seeds Potatoes

You will almost be finish with planting your seeds potatoes all you will have to do is put soil over the seeds potatoes.

Step 10: Watering Your Plant

This will be your final step throughout this al you will have to do is place it in a good place you would like to grow your potatoes and water them.