Introduction: How to Home Brew the Best Hard Cider From Fruit Juice

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Here I show you how to homebrew the best hard cider from fruit juice. Ciderup hard cider is very inexpensive to make and very healthy. This is the original drink of the settlers and was made and enjoyed by all. Yes, it is legal to make as long as you only make 100 gallons a year. Remember when you homebrew you pay no tax on your brew. Feel free to call me anytime with any questions.720 688 1078

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CiderUp Free Hard Cider Recipe (about 4% to 12% alcohol by volume) Materials 1 - 1 Gallon Glass Jug 1 - Airlock with Cap 1 - Package of Pasteur Champagne Yeast 1 - Rubber Stopper with Hole 1 - Funnel 1 - 2qt or Larger Saucepan Ingredients 1 Gallon of 100% Juice of your choice 1 Teaspoon of Pasteur Champagne Yeast 1 to 5 cups of White Sugar Step One: Wash your glass jug, airlock with cap, and rubber stopper with hot water and a little soap. Rinse all soap off thoroughly. Step Two: Pour about 1 quart of juice into the saucepan and dissolve the 1 to 5 cups of sugar. Heat the mixture slowly till lukewarm. Stir constantly to avoid burning. You do not want the mixture too hot or you will kill the yeast. Add and dissolve any extra ingredients such as maple syrup or cinnamon. Step Three: Pour the sugar/juice mixture into the glass gallon jug using the funnel. Pour juice into the glass jug until the jug is about ¾ full. Add one teaspoon of yeast to the jug. Screw the cap on the jug and shake the heck out of it. After you have relieved your stress remove the cap and finish filling the jug with your juice. Do not overfill because you need room for the rubber stopper. It is best to stop right before the neck. Step Four: Add a little water to the airlock fill it about half way and put on the red cap. Insert the airlock securely into the rubber stopper. Now push the rubber stopper into the top of the glass jug. By doing this step it keeps dust and other things from getting into your jug, in addition, it allows the carbon dioxide to escape. If you just place the cap on the jug and let it sit you run the risk of creating a 1-gallon juice bomb because the pressure may cause your jar to explode. Step Five: Place the jug with juice mixture in a quiet spot where the temperature will be no less than 60 degrees. The yeast needs it to be warm to convert the sugar to alcohol. Now let the gallon jug sit and work for about four weeks. After four weeks the bubbles should have almost stopped or be few and far between usually one bubble per minute. If the air bubbles are still coming up faster than this then it is best to wait as the juice is still converting the sugar to alcohol. Step Six: When the bubbles have ceased or slowed to one per minute pour yourself a glass and enjoy! I like to pour off a bit into a glass jar with a lid and put it in the fridge. Then I place the cap on loosely on the glass jug as well as my jar in the fridge. This is so the gas can still escape. If you do not, then you could end up with a big mess, exploded jugs and jars. So please do not ever put the caps and lids on tight! When you pour off your hard cider be careful not to pour off the old yeast. This is the thick stuff that is in your jug that has settled to the bottom. But do not worry if you get some into your cider it is actually really good for you. It is full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Well, that is about it, cheers to you and enjoy your hard cider! If you have any questions about the recipe please visit my Etsy shop. Please Feel free to contact me. By Email: By Mail: 9554 Renfair Dr. Plantersville, Tx 77363 By Phone: (720) 688 1078 To order a complete kit go to 2011-2012. Ciderup. All rights reserved.