Introduction: How to Inflate a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire That Defies Inflation

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Materials needed for project:

1. hand pump or air compressor

2. dowel or stick approximately 12" or longer

3. rope/chord - with a length of at least the circumference of the wheelbarrow tire + 6" to 8" extra

Hello Instructables community!

This Instructable was submitted to the "MacGyver" contest. It's based, on the 80s television show named "MacGyver". There's a new re-make of the show currently on TV.

My project was created to show a quick creative solution to a challenge using available materials like something "MacGyver" would do to solve the same problem.

"MacGyver" needs to haul a heavy pile of materials 2 miles down a dirt road and it needs to arrive quickly to continue his mission. He notices a wheelbarrow that he can use but the tire is flat! He finds an old bicycle pump nearby that works so he begins to attempt to inflate the tire.

First, BE SAFE. There's only one step that could result in injury and that's during the inflation of the tubeless tire. Please DON'T over inflate it! If you don't have a tire gauge then it's best to leave it slightly under-inflated to prevent it from bursting.

See my video, in the last step, to see the simplification of inflating an otherwise un-inflatable tubeless tire!

Step 1: A Gary Solution That MacGyver Could Use...

In his attempt to inflate the tubeless tire, he notices that air keeps leaking around the rim of each side of the tire. He presses, with one hand, down on the tire and he's able to block the air from escaping on one side but not both at the same time. He needs a solution to prevent the tire from losing air during the inflation process.

Step 2: Find the Needed Materials for the Solution...

He searches the area, for possible materials, that will help him solve his problem. He goes through an old barn and finds a piece, of rope approximately 6 ft in length, and also a stick with an approximate length of 14".

Step 3: Just the Beginning...

He flips the wheelbarrow over so that the tire is easily accessible . He takes the rope and loops it under the tire and pulls it around the outer edge or circumference of the tire. He ties one end of the rope around the stick by using a simple square knot.

Step 4: Here We Go Loop De Loop...

He centers the rope around the circumferenceof the tire and holds it in place. Holding the stick, perpendicular to the tire, he proceeds to wrap the other end of the rope around the stick with 3 to 4 loops.

Step 5: The Home Stretch...

Holding the stick and the rope securely, he begins to rotate or twist the stick, in a clockwise direction, compressing the center of the tire which results in pushing the sides of the tire simultaneously outward firmly against the rim of the wheel on both sides. Now the tire is sealed so that no air can escape. He then begins to inflate the tire.

Step 6: It's Quickly Fixed...we're on Our Way!

As the tire begins to inflate, he relaxes the tension on the stick and rope allowing the tire to fully inflate! It's quickly fixed within 1 to 2 minutes! He removes the stick and rope, loads the wheelbarrow, and continues on his mission!

What a guy!

Step 7: Video of How the Un-inflatable Tubeless Tire Becomes Inflatable!

This video, of all the steps, simplifies the process of inflating an otherwise un-inflatable tubeless wheelbarrow tire!

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