Introduction: How to Install Double French Doors

Follow the steps in the video and this instructable for adding a beautiful double french door to your basement (or any room). It opened up the entrance to the games room for us and allowed light to pass through the frosts glass inserts.

Here's the link for the video.

Step 1: Framing for the Double French Doors

The first step was to frame the opening to the basement room where we were going to need the double french doors. We used a framing kit that worked with a variety of sizes. Ours was 58" wide by 82" high.

Step 2: Shimming and Leveling

We put together the frame kit and then shimmed and levelled everything. The clamp was used to get rid of gaps between the drywall pice of the wall and the framing.

Step 3: Mounting Doors and Door Knobs

We then mounted the doors after cutting grooves for the hinges (see video). Then it was time to cut out the hole for the door knob and strike plate.

Step 4: Final Touches

The final touches involved adding a strip of wood overlapping the gap between the doors and a push lock to keep one of the doors closed when you want them to click together.

Step 5: Step Back and Enjoy!

The final step was to touchup paint everything then step back and enjoy the view. Be sure to see the video for way more visuals and explanations.