Introduction: How to Install Pergo Flooring

A complete guide to installing Pergo Flooring with all the tips and tricks I learned. I do a much better job explaining things in video, so watch that if you are really going to install some. But here are some pictures and steps too.

Step 1: Get Tools

You need a hammer, beating block, 3/8" spacers, an oscillating saw and a chop saw

Step 2: Prepare Subfloor

Start with a clean dry subfloor. Remove carpet, pad, and tack strips.

Step 3: Place Spacers

Place 3/8" spacers along all walls, to keep planks away to get an expansion gap.

Step 4: Click In

Lift planks at a slight angle, put together and push down to lock together.

Tap on end of plank to remove any joint gaps.

Step 5: Cut

Use the chop saw to cut planks at the end of each row.

Use oscillating saw to cut out holes for vents, and to cut off the bottom of vertical trim, so planks will fit under.

Step 6: Done

Enjoy your new Pergo floor.