Introduction: How to Install Projector Headlights on the Acura Integra 1994 - 2001

Halo and projector headlights are a great way to upgrade your 1994 through 2001 Acura Integra (although this span covers two models the procedure shown below is exactly the same). Installation time should be around 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish so be sure to give yourself enough time uninterrupted to complete the job. The instructions below are a step-by-step guide to installing 1994-2001 Acura Integra projector headlights

General Preparation Guidelines:

1. Use protective gloves and goggles whenever working on your vehicle.
2. Cover surfaces that you will be placing your bumper and headlights on with a mat in order to reduce the chances of causing damage to the them.
3. Do not make direct contact when handling the bulbs or wire assembly until the unit has cooled down.
4. Test the headlights prior to installation.

Required Tools and Supplies:

1. 1/4" Drive Ratchet
2. 1/4" Drive Extension
3. 10mm Socket
4. Flat head and Philips Screwdriver

For Halo Lights Only:

1. 4 x Quick Connectors
2. 4 x Male Crimp Connectors
3. 4 x Female Crimp Connectors
4. 2 x Red Wires
5. 2 x Black Wires
6. Wire Stripper
7. Wire Crimper
8. Volt Meter

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the two 10mm bolts below the front bumper.

2. Remove the screw connecting the fender to the front bumper.

3. Remove the bumper light by removing the screws. Once the screws have been removed remove the harnesses and connectors from the light. Be sure to repeat  on the driver and passenger side.

4. Remove 9 Screws.The top of the front bumper is held down by 9 screws. Use a  Phillips head screwdriver to remove them.

5. Remove One 10mm Bolt on each corner of the front bumper.These are the last two bolts holding down the front bumper.

6. Gently Wiggle Off Front Bumper.

7. Each Headlamp is held down by 4 10mm bolts. Remove them on both the passenger and driver side.

8.Remove Harnesses from Headlamps.

9. Connect Harness to New Headlights.

10. Replace 10mm Bolts to re-attach headlights.

11. Replace Front Bumper.

12. Replace All Screws and Clips.

13. Replace Bumper Lights.

14. Replace screw connecting bumper to fender.

15. Replace 2 10mm Bolts.

Installation is complete