Introduction: How to Install a Bidet

The bidet was developed in the 17th Century by the French. It is a plumbing device used to wash human buttocks. This fixture is common in southern European countries, the Middle East and South-East Asia. Bidets are not meant to be used instead of toilet paper rather they are used together. Bidets come in multiple shapes and forms. They can be completely separate from the toilet or they can be attached onto the toilet. This will instruct on how to install a bidet on a conventional toilet.

Step 1: Remove Toilet Seat

Remove the toilet seat by unscrewing the screws. Place bidet on toilet and align the back screw holes with the seat coupling holes.

Step 2: Screw Seat Back on Toilet

Place the toilet seat on top of the bidet and screw onto the toilet bowl.

Step 3: Connecting Water Supply

Turn off the water supply and connect the water tank to the fill valve adaptor. Replace the water supply connecting to the tank with the flexible hone. After they have been connected, attach the fill valve to the flexible hone.

Step 4: Removing Wing Nut

Remove the wing nut from the fill valve adaptor and plug it into the plastic tube. Afterwards, tighten the wing nut to ensure the plastic tube is secure.

Step 5: Connect to the Bidet

Connect the opposite end of the plastic tube to the bidet. If the pipe does not cover the hole, then the bidet will leak. Tighten the wing nut afterwards to ensure everything is secure.