Introduction: How to Install the Invisible Wireless Charger Under Your Desk?

Almost all the wireless chargers on the market are randomly placed on the top of the desktop, causing the desktop to be messy many times. The children and pets are always thinking about how to make the house more chaotic, so install a hidden wireless charger,The problem is solved perfectly!

Usually, the charging distance of the wireless charger that you see on the market is very short (0-8mm or 0.3inches), so if you need to hide the charger under the desktop, you must use the cnc machine to dig holes, but not everyone will use it.

Step 1: Supplies-What You Need

In terms of supplies for the project,you'll need the following parts and tools ready to use.

I chose to be a stealth wireless charger with a 30mm(1.18 inches) charging distance. Of course, you can choose according to the thickness of your desktop.

  • 24V/1A AC - DC power adapter,Mounting shell

Item contains power adapter,mounting shell

  • Cross light board

Light board is for easy access to our charger location.

  • Small phillips screwdriver
  • ruler

You'll also need the obvious:

  • A desk or nightstand
  • A phone that supports induction charging via the Qi standard

Step 2: Simply Test Zeepower Invisible Wireless Charger

  1. Connect the power adapter. Under normal circumstances, the LED of the device will flash once, indicating that the power is turned on.
  2. Place the cross light board on top of the device. If the light board flashes, that is, the device works well. On the contrary, if the light board does not flash, the device is problematic.

Step 3: Start Installation

  • Measuring the thickness of the desktop, corresponding to different invisible wireless chargers, my desktop thickness is 25mm (0.98inches), so I use a 30mm charging distance device
  • Install the mounting shelf first where you want it.

Note: The equipment is installed on the furniture, but there must be a power outlet near the furniture.

Step 4: Device Positioning, Marking the Charging Area

  • Insert the device into the mounting case

Remember to align the DC socket with the opening at the back of the mounting case

  • Plug in the power
  • Place the light board on the table and find the place to shine
  • Mark the four corners with a marker
  • Connect the two diagonals, the middle position is the center point of the charging position we need
  • Use the nail polish to remove the excess part of the mark, leaving only the middle position, aligning the middle mark of the sticker
  • Completely remove the mark of the marker and paste the sticker

Step 5: Final Charging Test

Success! I drop my phone onto ZeePower invisible Wireless Charger, and immediately it begins to charge.You can now reassemble your desk or table, and enjoy your hidden charger!