Introduction: How to Instamorph

Ever wondered how it would be to get your hands on to some Instamorph and just let your wildest fantasies go?

Don't fear no more, I'm here to guide you through the first steps about moulding stuff with Instamorph!

Step 1: Getting Started

Before we can start with our fantastic, awesome and superior Instamorph skills we need to prepare our instruments.

Search your house for some kind of bowl that's big enough to fit the goods.

You can mould with your hands of course but I found its pretty neat to have some kind of a spoon and some cutting tools at hand. Especially the spoon as you know... hot water hurts.

Anyhow, on with the next step!

Step 2: Adding Hot Water

When you're ready you can cook some water and pour it into the bowl. You'll know exactly what I mean if I tell you it's Instamorphing!

As long as the color's clear you can mould it.

Now is the time to really get it on! Let your wildest fantasies go and get those hands dirty!

When you're done you could have something like the picture.

(I used a hairdryer to keep the instamorph moldable a little longer, don't use it for too long though because it will cook it!)

Let the clear 'statue' harden for a minute or two and let's see what the results from my instamorph day will be!

Step 3: Results!

As you can see I made quite a few things!

It was my first try and I think I succeeded this time.

The guys from Instamorph advertise it as remouldable so if you're not pleased by the results you should be able to 'melt' it again with some hot water, otherwise enjoy your results!

You could even try to add some other things like I did with Sugru, another sort of plastic/rubber/something and I made an iPhone docking station with replaceable horn speaker!