Introduction: How to Keep Your Beverage Cold While Out and About

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One thing essential for a great tubing trip is your favorite beverage! And no matter what type of drink that may be, it's important to keep it cold for maximum yumminess!

Typically, an extra tube and a cooler would be used (in areas that is allowed) to keep whatever beverages, and/or food, cold during a tubing trip. However, for our tubing trip we were actually hiking about 2 miles to the launch, which meant we had to carry our tubes (already inflated) as well as any gear, etc. we wanted to have on the trip. Needless to say, we consolidated where ever possible.

Refillable Water
Favorite Beverage
1 Freezer Zip-Loc-type bag, Sandwich sized or smaller
Ice - Crushed or Cubed

Step 1: Choose Your Beverage and Container

Round up your container, beverage, plastic bag, and ice.

For this trip, I decided to use my refillable water bottle. I have 40 oz coozie sleeve, from one of my favorite local eateries, that I modified to fit this water bottle. It works wonderfully to keep the coolness inside the bottle and stop "sweating" on the outside.

Using a water bottle with a wide mouth is best for this Instructable.

Step 2: Install Homemade Cooling Device

It's time to put the ice in the plastic bag and then the bag in the container. Seems simple enough, but filling the bag outside the container will make it difficult to get the bag into the container as you can see from the first picture.

Before filling the bag with ice, fit the bag into the container with the opening at the mouth of the container. Then fill the bag with ice and seal it as seen in the second picture.

Fill the bag with as much ice as you like, as seen in the third picture. More ice will mean less space for your beverage and vice versa.

In the last picture, the bag is now as full as I want it and ready to be sealed.

Step 3: Pour in Beverage and Enjoy Your Trip!

Now you're ready to pour your beverage of choice into the container.

One problem that will arise is the bag of ice floating up as the beverage level rises. This will cause the beverage to spill out and potentially make a mess.

In the second picture, a knife is used to weigh down the plastic bag. Any utensil will do, just don't puncture the bag.

Remember to respect your beverage, don't pour too fast (picture 3) and add flavor enhancers (picture 4) as necessary.

Close up your container.

Enjoy your day!