Introduction: How to Knit a Gryffindor Tie


1. Knitting needles. Find a thickness you like. The thicker your needles are, the looser the stitch will be. I've chosen a nine mm diameter, but you could probably go with a 5 or 6 diameter.

2. Yarn: Choose two colors from whichever house you want to represent.

3. Scissors

To get started

1. Loop the yarn around your finder, crossing the yarn to give you a bit of tension. Then make another loop around your finger. Pull the original loop over the second loop. If you pull on the yarn one side will slide while the other side will not.

2. Put the loop onto your knitting needle. Then make 20 more loops on the needle.

3. Take your other needle and put it through the last loop. Put the yarn between the tips of the two needles and use the tip of the second needle to pull the yarn through the loop. The loop will now be on the second needle. Keep going until you get to the end of the row. Then continue for about 20 rows.

Step 1: How to Change Colors

When you want to change colors, use the new color yarn instead of the old color yarn to make the new stitch. Then tie the end of the old yarn to the new yarn and tie it off. Cut the old yarn string. Pull the new yarn tight. Then hide the extra yarn into your row by weaving it into the row. Trim the excess yarn.

Step 2: How to Get Your Tie to Taper Off

Eventually you will want your tie to taper off, so the the end if fatter than the part that will loop around your neck. You will gradually finish a stitch, finishing one stitch every other time you switch colors. To finish a stitch, you'll take 2 of your loops at once, loop the yarn through both of them and slide them off of the original needle. Then you will have only 19 loops.

After you have about 4 feet of finished knitting (depending on how tall you are), you will follow the directions above, but continue to put the stitch you create back onto the first needle, then taking the two loops together.

Step 3: Your Gryffindor Tie Is Ready to Be Worn! Have Fun!