Introduction: How to Knit a Scarf #HMS2020

Today I will be knitting a scarf with a straight knit stitch.


acrylic yarn

knitting needles

Step 1: Your First Stitch

If you watched my video you will find out how to make your first stitch on your finger. here is the explanation, you start with the yarn. you have to wrap it around to times over your finger. and once you do that you have to find the left side of the string over the right side. then you have to do the same thing but over the finger and back under.

Step 2: Your First Row

Watch the video to find out how to do your first row or here is the explanatory version, first put the knitting needle into the stitch we just made. then, put the other knitting needle in the back of the stitch and wrap the yarn around it once. after that slowly back up your knitting needle and you will find a hole, then go through it. finally, take the knitting needle and once again the back of the stitch. I recommend doing 18 stitches until continuing to the next step.

Step 3: Making More Rows of Stitches

watch the video to find out how to do multiple stitches or do the explanatory version [written]. you can start with the same 3 steps. you can also go back to the last step to find out what those steps were! now instead of going in the back loop, you don't do that, you actually take the previous stitch and let it fall down and continue.

Step 4: Think About Your Conclusion

I have thought of my conclusion. and I would only use the knit stitch because I feel like it is the easiest/original stitches. I would also try to go slow on making a stitch because I feel as though I was going to fast.and because i was going to fast it was causing me to make a lot of mistakes.

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