Introduction: How to Make 3D Paper Lightbox DIY Lightbox

Let's go

Step 1:

Here are the materials I used:


White card stock (170 grams thickness)
I recommend using 170 grams white card stock, because it’s stiff enough to stand up and thin enough to let the light pass through. But with big shadow box, you should 200-220 grams

+ Knife
+ Wood glue

+ RGB LED strip lights

+ Glass panel or mica

+ Foam core board

+ Free Template Download

So, the first thing you need to do is to download and print out the template. It’s made for a 18 x 18 cm (24 x 24 cm) light box , but you can scale it up and down if needed.Contact with me to scale files. You can also make your own unique design.

Step 2:

Print templates

Normal print mode reduces the size of images so select the do not scale(actual size) print mode to be able to print exactly the size Different software will display different print modes

Cutting templates
Once you’re done with the first layer, cut it out using an X-Acto knife. X-acto knife is an original cutting tool designed to deliver the sharpest, most accurate cut on your projects. Cut it out, and repeat this process until you are done with all the layers.

Step 3:

Reassemble the Layers and Glue Them Together.

The layers are reassembled with foam spacers in between each one. This gives the image the appearance of depth and creates a 3D effect. I cut out the foam spacers. They are all 1 cm wide.There should be 4 spacers on each layer. Then, I glued the layers together. I’m going to glue spacers around the edges of the first layer and then glue the next layer on top of it. Make sure the layers are properly lined up. Repeat this process until all the layers are glued together.

Step 4:

Put Some Lights in the Box.

Put a light strip all around the box. I cut the lights to the right length and stuck inside the box. You can put them wherever you want! You can use different light sources, for example fairy lights, or LED lights, it depends on you. I highly recommend using RGB LED strip lights because they are self-adhesive, flexible, you can cut them to size, and you can easily change colors, which will provide better effect. Also, they barely generate any heat. So, they are perfect for this kind of project.Once I’m done with the lights, I tread the power cord through and glued the back down.

Step 5:

Set up light shape