Introduction: How to Make 555 Timer IC Projects With Circuit Diagram

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555 Timer IC .

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What is 555 timer iC? => An IC which gives clock pulse as output . Today we'll learn something interesting about 555 timer IC's diagram & operations with projects video . From somedays I've noticed that average maximum number of people are searching for this content . In electronics this is an so so important integratd circuit . There are a lot of use of this . People can make so many things by using this IC . According to the output we can chage the circuit diagram . So I've talked about the basic things about this IC . And later on I've talked about Astable mode & Monostable mode/One shot multivibrator . For example this IC can used in making Traffic Controlling Project , Signal generator , Amplifier & we can also cascade this IC to the other logic or analog ICs . So hope you'll like this video . And in my next video I'll show you 'How to make a traffic control project with NE555 IC" .

Step 1: Components You'll Need

For this project in the video you'll need these components:

1. NE555/SE555/SA555 IC 2.Resistors 3.Capacitors 4.Wires 5.9 volt Power supply

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Step 2: Finalizing This Project

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