Introduction: How to Make 7 Segment Digit

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Learn how to make 7 Segment digit using LED.

Step 1: Watch This Video

Step 2: Material List

  • Thermocol,
  • Card board,
  • 8 LEDs,
  • 8 220 Ohm resistor,
  • Male header,
  • Dotted board,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Wires,
  • Arduino board.

Step 3: Print 7 Segment Digit Image

Print this image in a paper

Step 4: Cut the Layout

After printing the 7 segment pic, temporarily fix it on thermocol and then cut the layout carefully..

Step 5: LED Fixing

Next, take a card board and mark the layout, and make some hole as shown in the picture. Now bend all LED at 90degree angle and fix it on card board using a glue gun.

Step 6: Connection

In the circuit diagram picture, you can see the connection of all LEDs. For simplicity, I have made a simple circuit board. In this circuit board, I had just connected 8 220 ohm resistor with 9 headers pin with a series connection. Then I had connected all the positive terminal with one single wire and then all -Ve terminal with individual wire and next I have connected it with my circuit board.

Step 7: Connect All Anode

Now connect all the Anode (For common Anode 7 segment digit), and solder it.

Step 8: Connection of Cathode

Connect all the cathode to an individual wire.

Step 9: Connection With Board

Connect common anode to the board and all cathode pins with their respective pin on board like in the picture

Step 10: Assemble

Now fix the circuit board with hot glue at the back side and fix all wire and put a white paper on it.

Then put some glue on the front side and fix the thermocol.

Step 11: Cove With Aluminium Foil and White Paper

Using some aluminium foil cover all segment like the picture. And cover the front side with a white paper.

Step 12: Connect and Run.

you can use Arduino board or any other board to run, I am using arduino board. So the connection with board and sketch is here. Download and upload ...................................

Step 13: Digit

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