Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Mini Air Cooler

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Making make air cooler with cpu fan is simple and easy project using only basic parts of air cooler

if you don't understand something please watch the video and vote :)

Step 1: Things We Need

10 lite bottle

Water pump with pipe

Pointer pen

Thin net


2x cpu fan


Step 2: Making Exhaust and Inlet

Cut a piece of 6 by 6 inches from backside and then cut two holes from the front by 3.5'' cutter

place fan over the hole and drill out the screw positions of the fan and another hole next to those holes as well

put the fan from inside the bottle and tighten both the fans with zipties

Step 3: Making Evaporative Window

Cut out benso pieces around 8 inches

Place them over the thin net and secure it from all over the edges by stapler

Step 4: Setting Up the Water Pump

Place pipe from to the exit part of the motor and then pointer on the exit of pipe make holes on the pointer body and attach it to the top of the evaporative net with zipties

Step 5: Placing the Things

make a hole from the side of bottle and take out both the fan and motor wire outside wire them up with bigger wire

place the motor inside and the evaporative window as well

Step 6: Final Steps

cut out the top part of the bottle , make hole where the evaporative window will be hang by zipties

place the water from the inlet window and place the top part of the bottle upside down over the cooler .

Place the wires into the 12v supple and it will start working turning hot air into cool air

It works great if you don't understand something please watch the video and vote for this instructable :)