Introduction: How to Make Alarsi (العرسي)?

You are going to see the steps of How making Alarsi.

Step 1: Collect the Ingredients

You bring all ingredients ( Water, salt, rice, meat, and bowl ).

Step 2: Preparing the Meat

You cut the small goat into small pieces. Then, you should clean it by wash it by using salt and water.

Step 3: Cooking

You but all the ingredients together and let them to cook for one hour. Try to check it each quarter hour.

Step 4: Ready Cooking

Until the ingredients be ready , you switch of the fire. and take it down.

Step 5: Mixing

Bring wooden stick and mix it by using this stick, until be as soft and fragile.

Step 6: Delivering

Finally, put it in the dish and you can eat with sauces and yogurt.