How to Make Arduboy

Introduction: How to Make Arduboy

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In this article you will see, how to make mini Gameboy using Arduino Nano. It is also called as Arduboy.

The Arduboy is a handheld game console with open source software, based on the Arduino hardware platform.

Lets make it ...!

Step 1: Components Required

Arduino Nano

I2C OLED display

LEDs( Red – 1, Green -1, Yellow -1 )

Piezo Buzzer

330 Ohm resistors – 3

10K Ohm resistors – 1

Tactile switches – 6

PCB or Breadboard

Step 2: Arduboy Circuit

This Arduboy supports audio effects and lighting effects.

Step 3: PCB Design & Gerber File

I have also made a PCB for this circuit, you can download the gerber file here.

Step 4: Code

Download Arduboy Library

First install the above arduboy library.

For installing go to Sketch > Include Library > Add .zip Library > Upload the downloaded library

Now Upload the code. I uploaded breakout game code. You will find it in library examples.

Step 5: PCB Assembly

It will be easy if you watch once and start making.

Step 6: That's All

That's all guys, you have made it!

If you have any query at any step, just comment below. I will respond as soon as possible.

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Thank You.

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Question 6 months ago

Please tell us how to add games. You said many games work but how to change ? It doesn"t work like arduboy....


9 months ago

I have created mine, but it froozes a lot while playing the game...


11 months ago

please reply as soon as possible...!!


Question 11 months ago

Mostly arduboy consoles are made up of [arduino pro micro ] but you have used arduino nano board .Will this accept any games from arduboy community official website


Question 11 months ago

Bro it is a nice project . But can i upload any games that is suitable to arduboy from arduboy community official website....