How to Make Automatic Potion Brewer in Minecraft




Introduction: How to Make Automatic Potion Brewer in Minecraft


To save time from making potions on your own and keep the player safe from lava. The user won't have to keep opening the brewing stand to add more stuff to the potions.

Controls for Game:

Access inventory: E

Search Items: Compass in top right of inventory


Move Left: A

Move Right: D

Move Forward: W

Move Backwards: S

Fly: Double Space

Crouch/Connect Hopper: Control

Scroll Through Inventory: Scroll Wheel

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials you need to build an automatic potion brewer are as follows

Dropper: 4

Redstone: 5

Brewing Stand: 1

Hopper: 3

Sticky Piston: 1

Redstone Block: 1

Chest: 4

Button: 1

Redstone Torch: 1

Step 2: Set Up Area to Place Blocks

Step 3: Place Chest With a Hopper to Prepare for Finished Potions

Place a chest down and make the hopper enter the chest by croutch placing it. To make sure it is correct, look at where the hopper feeds out and it should be into the chest.

Step 4: Add a Brewing Stand With a Hopper to Feed Into It

Place a brewing stand on top of the hopper by croutch placing it. This makes the brewing stand feed the finished potions into the hopper below for the finished potion chest. Then, add a hopper on top of the brewing stand for feeding the potion materials into it. We need this to make it become "automatic."

Step 5: Place a Sticky Piston With a Redstone Block and a Dropper

Place a redstone block next to the bottom hopper for pushing the potions to the finished chest. To do this, you will need an empty block below the redstone block as well to make sure it has room. Place a sticky piston on top of the redstone block. Make sure the "sticky" part of the piston is facing down and connected with the redstone. Then, place a dropper on top of the sticky piston to feed potion materials into the top hopper.

Step 6: Place a Hopper and a Double Chest Above the Hopper

Croutch place a hopper facing the front of the structure to feed the water bottles for potions into the brewing stand. To make sure this is correct, the hopper's tube should be feeding into the brewing stand like the pitcure. On top of the hopper that was just placed, croutch place a double chest for keeping water bottles in for future potion creation.

Step 7: Place Three Droppers

These droppers are used to feed potion materials into the hopper for creating the potion. The first dropper, needs to face the top hopper. The next hopper labeled "2" needs to face the top hopper as well. The third dropper, however, is facing the brewing stand to make sure it has power.

Step 8: Add a Stone Block and Add Redstone

Add a stone block on the top left of the overview to hold redstone on top of it. From an overview look, place redstone on top of the blocks in the L-shape shown in the image.

Step 9: Place Torch and Button

Place a redstone torch to connect the redstone placed earlier. This is used to power up the redstone to brew the potions. We will also need a button to temporarily power up this redstone. To do this, place two stone blocks going upwards next to the chests for finished potions and the hopper to feed water bottles. After this, place the button on the front of the top stone block for powering the redstone up.

Step 10: Grab Your Potion Supplies

For this example, we are making a fire resistance potion so we are going to be using blaze powder for powering the brewing stand up, 5 nether wart to start the potion, 5 magma cream to make it fire resistance, and 5 redstone to extend the potion effect. The reason for having five of each resource is for troubleshooting if the process does not work as intended.

Step 11: Fill Droppers

1.) In the dropper labeled 1, add the nether wart.

2.) In the dropper labeled 2, add the magma cream.

3.) In the dropper labeled 3, add the redstone.

4.) In the dropper labeled 4, add the blaze powder.

These droppers are labeled in this order because when you make a potion normally, these resources would go into the brewing stand in this order.

Step 12: Put Water Bottles in Chest to Feed Into the Brewing Stand

This step is to make sure the brewing stand is being fed the water bottles it needs to create the potions. To do this, right click the chest and add any water bottles you have to it.

Step 13: Click Button to Start Brewing!

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    2 years ago

    my potions stop in the brewing stand, they dont go to the chest on the bottom... any suggestions? (1.16.4)


    Reply 1 year ago

    put a torch next to the hopper instead of the redstone block.


    1 year ago

    i just put a redstone torch next to my hopper instead of the redstone block and it works now nevermind.


    1 year ago

    i cant make my potions go from the brewing stand into the hopper and even if i put the potions in the hopper they wont even go into th chest. i play 1.16 on pocket edition. idk if its just a bug or if it doesnt work anymore.

    YouTube Cat 505
    YouTube Cat 505

    Tip 1 year ago on Step 5



    Question 2 years ago

    Hi, I’m trying to make this and unable to use droppers, so doing them individually. I have just the brewing stand and a hopper underneath I want to stop the hopper to from taking the potions until they are done. Is this possible ?? Kind Regards, Daniel.

    Gandalf The Great Gamer3971
    Gandalf The Great Gamer3971

    Answer 2 years ago

    you have to put a redstone block next to the hopper. this provide the hopper with a signal so the hopper does not suck out the items.


    Question 3 years ago on Step 4

    im about to finish my automatic brewer, last thing i cant fix this(area circled on red)
    upper chest is for water bottles, when i place it it automatically goes to hopper then to brewing stationm and here's a problem - when it arrives to brewing station, it doesn't stop, it just go to lower hopper then lower chest, how to make water bottles stay in brewing station until it is brewed?


    Answer 3 years ago

    you are missing the piston with redstone block in your picture. when you press the wooden button, it locks the upper hopper and pushes the redstone block away from the bottom hopper this allows potions to flow out the bottom hopper.

    when the button releases, it unlocks the top hopper and releases the piston therefore blocking potions from running out, but letting water bottles flow in.

    The hopper and piston are effectively acting as a not gate.
    The wooden button has the right timing for 3 bottles to leave. the stone button would be a shorter pulse.